Ship Agency

Ship Agency

We offer our agency services acting on behalf of Owners, as protecting agents on behalf of Charterers and realizing specific, non-standard requests of other parties concerned.

We attend wide spectrum of cargoes and vessel’s sizes cooperating with partners from all over the world. Our professional experience grants a proper approach to single shipments as well as to specific character of long-term contracts.

Company elasticity enable us easy adaptation to individual needs of our Principals and functioning as well fitted element of Your organization.

Main advantages of our agency:

  • we work actively and value time of our Principals – we used to gather all necessary information ourselves, try to anticipate, prevent and neutralize possible problems before they arise
  • take appropriate and quick reaction in emergency situations
  • recommend most effective solutions basing on our professional experience, good knowledge of shipping custom and maritime law
  • unconditionally protect our Principal’s best interest and commercial secrets
  • manage good flow of information and their reliability
  • assure proper coordination of work of all entities connected with the vessel and the cargo