Port Captains

Port Captains

High Quality Service run by the experienced Masters

Port and STS Operations

  • General situation assessment / readiness check before vessel’s arrival
  • Providing full support and assistance in the ports and on the roads
  • Monitoring and supervision of loading & unloading operations
  • Keeping close contact with all parties to assure smooth operations, report & prevent any delays or faults, identify bottlenecks and weaknesses
  • Coordinating with local authorities to ensure compliance with customs, port and shipping law
  • Coordinating with port officials to ensure that all paperwork is in order for incoming vessels
  • Monitoring weather conditions to ensure safety of the ship and cargo
  • Monitoring the Statement of Facts during the operations
  • Final reports and evaluations of Vessel and Port after cargo operations
  • Assisting with arrangement of the repairs in case of Stevedore damages
  • Bunker Survey
  • On/Off hire condition survey

Hull and Machinery Evaluation

  • Ship / machinery / hull damage : verification of damage and report
  • Ship condition evaluation / report
  • Machinery condition evaluation

We can assure the high quality services supervised by the experienced Masters from Product, Crude Oil, Chemical tankers and Bulk carriers.


Capt. Radoslaw Komorowski
Mobile phone: +48 791 597 723

General e-mails: PortCaptains@kosior.co • PC@kosior.co

Service is handled in cooperation / via our company, as coordinators and administrators.