Shipping abberivations

Shipping abberivations

Time related:

ETAEstimate Time of Arrival
ETBEstimate Time of Berthing
ETCEstimated Time of Completion
ETS(D)Estimated Time of Sailing (Departure)
LTLocal Time
EOSPEnd Of Sea Passage
PS/PPPilot Station / Pilot Position
POBPilot On Board
FL/AFFirst Line / All Fast (berthed)


AAAAAlways Available Always Afloat
NAABSANot Always Available But Safe Aground
GSBGood Safe Berth
GGGdańsk / Gdynia
ARAGAmsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp – Ghent area


SFStowing Factor
CBMcubic metres | 1 m³ = 35.314667 ft³
CBFT / CUFTcubic feet | 1 ft³ = 0.028317 m³
SF 51′‘ stands for cbft/mt
X [mt/cbm] = 35,315 / Y [cbft/mt]
Y [cbft/mt] = 35,315 / X [mt/cbm]
51′ [ft³/mt] = 0,692 mt/m³ = 692 kg/m³
BBBig Bags
SF DWTStowage Factor allowing full vessel’s load upto her Deadweight
UWUnit Weight
MOLCO / MOLOOMore Or Less Charterers’ / Owners’ Option
ChOpt / O.o.Charterers’ / Owners’ Option


AGWAll Going Well
WPWeather Permitting
UCEUnexpected Circumstances Excepted
WOGWithOut Guarantee
EAOEErrors And Ommissions Excepted
m/v (mv)motor vessel
DW(A)TDeadWeight (All) Told
DWCCDeadWeight Cargo Capacity
LOALength OverAll
B(E)Beam (Extreme)
Tssmax draft Summer Salt water
GT/NT (GRT/NRT)Gross/Net Register Tonnage
ship’s internal volume expressed in “register tons”
TPCTons Per Centimeter
ADAAlle Details About
Draft related:
SSWSummer Salt Water (vessel’s draft)
FWFresh Water
BWBrackish Water


LC / LayCan / Lay/CanLayday & Cancelling dates
SatSHINC (SSHINC)Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded
SatSHEX (SSHEX)Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays EXcluded
UUUnless Used
EIUEven If Used
NOANotice Of Arrival
NORNotice Of Readiness
Whether In Port Or Not
Whether in Berth Or Not
Whether Customs Cleared Or Not
Whether In Free Pratique Or Not
WWDweather working day
PWWDPer Weather Working Day
PDPRPer Day & Pro Rata
FDFree Despatch
DHD WTSDespatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved
L/D TTLLoading / Discharging ToTaL
BEBoth Ends


LOCLetter Of Credit
BL, B/L, OBLBill of Lading, Original Bill of Lading
SOFStatement Of Facts
MRMate’s Receipt
MOCManifest Of Cargo
SWLSafe Working Load (of a crane)
MEMain Engine
BTUBow Thruster Unit
P+CPrivate & Confidential

Reloading terms:

FIOSTFree In & Out Stowed & Trimmed
L/S/DLashing / Securing / Dunnage
FLT H/HFull Liner Terms Hook/Hook (including reloading costs from/to under the hook)
STSShip To Ship

Freight /


S/R BLsSigning / Releasing Bills of Lading
C/PCharter Party
GCNGenCon charter party form
BBBBefore Breaking Bulk (before commencement of discharging)


NOK / KCNord-Ost Kanal / Kiel Canal
TBCTo Be Confirmed
TBNTo Be Nominated
P&IProtection & Indemnity
LOPLetter Of Protest
DSDraft Survey